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Those of you who know me personally know I am a former professor of classical art and archaeology. Three years ago, personal circumstances as well as shenanigans at my institution forced me to leave higher education. I’ve since landed well as a high school history teacher. The short version of the post below is that being outside Academia has made me happier and healthier. It’s taken me time to lose the resentment and bitterness I felt after leaving my job at Fancy Southern Liberal Arts College. But experiences like the one I had last week reminded me how much I still love (parts of) my field as well as speaking publicly about the 21st-century relevance of the ancient world. In short, I continue to redefine my own success as an educator and a scholar of classical antiquity.┬áMy life is too short to be measured in citations of my work by other scholars. I measure it now in the teenagers who say “that’s so cool!” in a history lesson or the adults who tell me “I never knew that” or who help make other connections between the ancient past and today.

This post was originally “published” in a private forum on Facebook. I’m keeping in some of the blue language, as that is a crucial element of my authentic voice. #sorrynotsorry


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